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Care for your employees?

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Care for your employees?

Reduce the cost of sick leaves and improve accessibility to medical assistance! MinuDoc has created contemporary on-demand doctor services for companies and their employees. They are designed to bring modern medical care to the office or home with just a few clicks and when the concerns are the greatest.

Indeed, we do have our family physicians, but their working hours and availability is limited. MinuDoc is there for you on weekends and after hours, on public holidays and on business trips. In addition, we speak Russian, English, French, and Finnish and every consultation derives from your personal electronic medical history.

Which employer problems would MinuDoc address?

  1. Opening sick leaves every day, also on weekends and public holidays
    Our GP-s are available each day until 22. During video visit the doctor will assess client’s health and if necessary, will issue a sick leave up to 3 days

  2. Limiting cost from sick leaves and work delays
    Prompt reaction on health problems will help to avoid subsequent more complicated health problems. Lower number of sick days lowers employer costs related to compensating these leaves and/or finding alternative workforce.

    As per MinuDoc experience, proper intervention helps to reduce number of sick days by 30%. As in Estonia, there is on average 13 sick days per employee annually, 30% decrease in those numbers would save 1600 hours of work for a company with 50 employees. As an example, for a software development company that would equal to 100,000 EUR in sales revenues.

  3. Improving access to multilanguage medical assistance
    MinuDoc doctors can speak in addition to Estonian in Russian, English, Finnish, French. By that, they are able to offer assistance in native language to a number of foreign employees who otherwise would struggle getting doctor appointments.

  4. Employee taking sick leave on the behalf of children
    An employee can contact either our GP or pediatrician to consult on the health of his/her children. Prompt intervention will avoid potentially lengthy stays at home with sick children.

What are the advantages of Minudoc video consultation compared to a regular visit to a doctor?

  1. Quick access
    Our doctors are accessible every day until 10PM, including weekends and public holidays.

  2. Convenience
    At least 60% of primary care health problems can be solved remotely. An employee can consult from home or work on-demand when the problem occurs. An employee can access the service also when travelling, which is relevant for frequent travellers.

  3. Saving time
    There’s no need to waste precious time on commuting to doctor and waiting in line.

  4. Saving money
    Video visits are less expensive that physical visits to private clinic.

  5. Employer brand
    Private health coverage is becoming as common as other benefits offered by a company. Needless to say, access to public healthcare will become more and more challenging, and employers who react on this trend and offer alternatives to their employees are also more competitive in finding ones.

When can I get help from virtual doctor?

At least 60% of visits to family physician does not call for a physical check-up to diagnose the problem. These are the cases (for instance, cough, sneezing, feeling sick, fever, rashes etc) when doctor can help remotely. These are however the most common symptoms that occupy doctors. As an employer you can meet your employees half way and offer contemporary and convenient service, which will address the vast majority of health needs of your employees.

In addition to consultation, MinuDoc physicians can:

  • Open sick leaves (up to 3 days)

  • Issue or renew prescriptions

  • If deems necessary, issue referral letter

In case the information is not sufficient, doctor can guide to pass additional analyses and will contact employee with further consultation after those analyses are presented.

Packages and prices

Unlimited access to our GP services

Unlimited access to all specialists on the platform

  • 0-50 employees


    125 €


    250 €


  • 51 - 100


    125 €

    +15€ eur for each 10 employees over 50

    250 €

    +28€ eur for each 10 employees over 50

  • 101 - 150


    200 €

    +13€ eur for each 10 employees over 100

    390 €

    +26€ eur for each 10 employees over 100

  • 151 - 200


    280 €

    +11€ eur for each 10 employees over 150

    520 €

    +22€ eur for each 10 employees over 150

  • 200+


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