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Frequently asked questions

For patient

How does the consultation with healthcare specialist take place?

The consultation is carried out on MinuDoc platform. You will need to be securely logged onto the environment by the appointed time. The healthcare specialist will call you at the appointed time. Please stay in the environment at least 5 minutes past the appointed time, as the healthcare specialist may run over with his or her last visit.

How can I be sure the healthcare specialist speaks English on acceptable level?

We have personally interviewed the healthcare specialists who have joined MinuDoc platform. Based on our best judgement, the service providers who have marked one of spoken languages as English, command English on the level that they are able to provide a quality service.

How can I determine if video consultation is sufficient given my condition?

The best assessor would be yourself – in case you have an acute condition that requires immediate intervention beyond visual examination and contact, then naturally video consultation may not be sufficient to address your concern. In such case, even if you choose to consult a doctor, the doctor will ask you to have a physical appointment. However, a number of ambulatory visits can be carried out through video consultation (according to some estimates 60%-70% of GP consultations).

If there is no consultation, what happens to paid fees?

In case the doctor is late more than 5 minutes or there is another reason why a doctor could not meet you via teleconsultation bridge, then we consider that teleconsultation did not take place and you are entitled to reimbursement. In such a case, we will wire the funds back to your electronic wallet and you can use that money to re-schedule an appointment either with the same doctor or another one. You can also contact us to wire the money back to your credit card.

How can I cancel the appointment?

Any appointment between yourself and healthcare specialist can be cancelled for full reimbursement if done at least 24 hour prior the accepted appointment. In case the appointment is cancelled on a shorter notice, or you will not be logged in to the environment at the time of the appointment, the consultation is treated as performed and fees are 100% subject to payment.

Would healthcare specialist have an access to my Estonian Health Record? Will there remain any documented sign of the consultation?

As per Estonian Health Services Organization Act ( the healthcare service provider is responsible for transferring health related data to the Health Information System. When you reserve the appointment, you give a consent to the healthcare specialist (except for physiotherapist and clinical psychologist) to access your personal health record and document the session.

Can the healthcare specialist cancel the appointment on a short notice?

As healthcare specialist may face emergency cases, we have allowed to cancel the appointment on a short notice. In such a case, we will refund the fees to your electronic wallet.

Which kind of additional services doctors can assign via MinuDoc platform?

In addition to regular consultations, our general practitioners, family physicians and secondary care doctors can extend prescriptions, issue prescriptions at the discretion of the doctor's decision (excl. drugs with narcotic or addictive substances) and issue referral letters. If additional blood or urine analyses are required from you, doctors can consult on the markers that have to be checked with one of our partner labs.

For employee

In the case that employer limits are met, how can I access the services?

Each employer will set its own limits on the platform. In case the limits are met, employee will see the notification while making a booking. In such a case, it remains at the discretion of the employee if he or she is willing to pay for a service through his or her personal electronic wallet, or wait for the next month (if monthly limit is met) or quarter (if quarterly limit is met) when the new employer credit will be made available.

Can I access also other primary and secondary care services that are outside of employer reimbursement?

Yes, sure. In such a case, however, you will need to pay for the services from your own electronic wallet.

Where I get to check if my employer has an agreement with MinuDoc?

For an employer, reimbursing the cost of physiotherapist or clinical psychologist to an employee is fringe benefit tax free up to 400 euros per year. We advise to contact your HR department or a person responsible for occupational health and safety issues at your organization to find out if your employee has joined MinuDoc. You can also log onto the environment and check if you have a dedicated employer credit on your account or not.